EEIC Scholarships

The Electric Energy Industrial Consortium (EEIC) offers a number of scholarships to undergraduate students in Electrical Engineering. Scholarships are offered every Autumn, Winter and Spring quarter. The purpose of the EEIC scholarships is to provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to do research under the supervision of a faculty members in the electric energy area. EEIC scholarship recipients are invited to participate in the annual EEIC poster session.


EE Undergraduate Students, sophomore or junior level preferred, interested in exploring exciting new technologies and their applications to Electric Energy.


$2000 per quarter.


Selection is made by the Energy faculty in the Electrical Engineering department. Final determinations are made by the EEIC Director. Selection criteria include EE courses taken so far, performance and career interest.


At the start of each quarter, an e-mail is sent to all undergraduate EE students with a link to apply for the scholarships. Applications are due by week 3. Selections are made by week 6.

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