Undergraduate Opportunities

Getting started in research

There are a number of ways to get started in research. Here are a few starting points:

  1. In general, you will have the most success in finding someone to supervise your work if you choose a professor who taught a course in which you got a very high grade.
  2. Read the professor's research web page before your initial meeting.
  3. Many professors also look for computer experience since a lot of research involves computer simulations. Therefore, brush up on your computer skills! If you're really serious about doing research, you may find CSE 373, Data Structures and Algorithms, a particularly useful course to take.
  4. Some professors advertise projects that are looking for students. Look through their web pages and/or see if there are flyers on their doors.

Research for Credit (EE 490/499)

Students can earn two types of credit for EE research: EE 490 (CR/NC), or EE 499 (graded). A maximum of 10 credits of EE 499 (not 490) can count toward the EE elective area. EE 490 or 499 represents research or a design project carried out under the supervision of a faculty sponsor. Students may register for between 2 - 5 credits of EE 499 each quarter; the precise number of credits is determined by the student and the faculty supervisor and is dependent on the amount of work to be carried out. Each credit generally represents between three and five hours of work each week. To register for these credits, please pick up an "EE 490/499 Approval for Undergraduate Research and Special Projects" form from the Advising Office, obtain a faculty signature and turn in your signed approval form to Advising for an entry code.

Click here to view a list of UWEE Research Projects Looking for Students

Research opportunities outside of EE

UW Undergraduate Research Program
College of Engineering Research Experience for Undergrads (REU)
WSGC Summer Undergraduate Research Program (Washington Space Grant Consortium)
National Science Foundation

Once you get started in a research project, we encourage you to submit your research results to the prestigious UW Undergraduate Research Symposium.

If you have questions about undergraduate research, you can contact anyone on the EE Undergraduate Research Committee:

Alex Mamishev, Chair
Michael Hochberg
Shwetak Patel
Georg Seelig

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