Opportunities for Students

Since 2003, the heart of our commitment at UW IAC has been in the community of students we guide and nurture to become the next generation of industrial leaders. Composed of a diverse and dedicated group of individuals, our students bring with them a collective drive to excel and make meaningful contributions to the field of industrial research. Through UW IAC, students join the workforce with a solid knowledge of the inner workings of industrial facilities, encompassing both the mechanical components and the operational aspect of efficient plant management.

Our students learn valuable skills, which include:

  • Conducting energy, waste, and productivity assessments
  • Using instrumentation and diagnostic equipment
  • Work safely in an industrial environment
  • Communicate successfully through written reports and presentations

All of these skills can only be gained through real-world experience, making our students highly attractive to employers. We have trained more than 50 students since the establishment of IAC, and we are always on the lookout for new talent to join us. If you’re interested in joining, apply to join SEAL here.